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What to expect starting your Talos Growth trial
Step 1:  Create your personal environment by filling the form below.
Step 2:  After submitting the form, please check your inbox (& spam folder) for the confirmation email.
Step 3:  Then we will set up your personal environment. This can take up to 5 minutes, and you'll receive another email with your personal login details when this is finished.
Step 4:  Now you can configure the environment how you'd like. You can already watch this video on how to set up your personal environment: https://youtu.be/SRD5WFxNUZ0

Step 1

Makes the likes more targeted. Free during trial, after the trial €19.95 p/m

By using another LinkedIn account, your actions on LinkedIn will not be restricted (like profile visits and search limits).
Free during trial, after the trial €10 p/m
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